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In his predictions he uses combination of astrology, palmistry and numerology for more accuracy. He is acclaimed for his precise predictions and a very strong hold on Vedic Indian astrology and gemology. He possesses a very deep knowledge of Vedic astrology, Prashan Kundli, astrological mathematics and other areas of astrology.

Kundli Astrology Services

Paying back his knowledge and gifted power for the benefit of mankind he has blessed thousands of people with his knowledge and skills without any consulting fee or charge. Our horoscope predictions are based upon most exhaustive calculations, such as Shodasvarga Astavarga which provides different kinds of planetary strengths, and four kinds of Dasa with sub-period details. The predictive part contains Dwadash Bhava, Dasa and transit Phal. In the Bhava Phal each house results are given separately, taking account of all planets and their aspects such that there are no contradictions.

It provides information on how the two will relate in the future. It includes authentic analysis of various factors such as Ashtakoot and Manglik Dosh and tells what kind of partnership is suitable. It also suggests the remedial measures in case of strong Manglik defects. Another valuable service offered by us is "Nakshatra Phal" for newly born babies. It gives an analysis of the Nakshatra in which the child was born. It provides the "Paya" description and the effect of birth of child on parents, brothers and sisters.

It also gives the lucky stone, colours, numbers, and mantras for the child. Jyotirvid Pandit Arvind Tiwari one of the most famous and completely genuine astrologers I have ever met. Ten years back, my family was going through one of the most traumatic times. I am forty five years old, and used to own a successful import-export business. But when I passed through the Saturn transit, my life turned upside down.

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Get Free Horoscope. Astrology Predictions It is important you enter accurate time and date of Birth.

Pandit Jasraj Birth Chart | Pandit Jasraj Kundli | Horoscope by Date of Birth Musician

It means that the gemstones suitable for a person can be recommended even before his birth, according to this theory. For example, a person born during the first half of April every year will have his Sun Sign as Aries and hence the same gemstones will be suitable for all the people born or to be born during this period of time every year. Hence in my opinion, no predictions should be made from the Sun Signs alone and no gemstones should be prescribed seeing the Sun Signs alone. Then there is this concept of wearing gemstones based on the date of birth alone.

According to this concept, all the people born on a particular date, month and year should wear the same gemstones as they are supposed to have the same lucky gemstones, which indicates that they may somehow have the same luck also.

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This concept also does not sound convincing as it will again restrict the number of permutations and combinations to a small number, which are the backbone of astrology. Different people born on the same dates can be and they generally are quite different from each other with different natures and different lucks.


This is due to the reason that there are millions of planetary combinations possible during a single day due to which different people born even on the same day have different nature, different luck and accordingly, different gemstones suit them. So wearing the gemstones based on the date of birth alone is not a good idea and hence it should be avoided too. In fact gemstones worn based on such theories can cause great damages to the wearer if they are not suitable according to the horoscope of the person wearing them. Then there are some astrologers who believe that the safest way to prescribe a gemstone is to find out the Ascendant in the birth chart or horoscope of a person and then prescribe the gemstone belonging to the ruling planet for that Ascendant.

These astrologers believe that as Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, so Saturn becomes the Lord of Ascendant and the Lord of Ascendant can never bring bad results to the native according to these astrologers. On the contrary, I have personally witnessed many cases where people wearing gemstones based on the above mentioned concept have suffered huge financial, physical and emotional losses after wearing such gemstones.

The lord of Ascendant can be positive for some people and it can be negative for some other people due to which the gemstones recommended based on this theory can be good for some people whereas they can be disastrous for some other people. Hence the practice of recommending gemstone for the lord of Ascendant in a horoscope should also be avoided.

Some astrologers even believe in prescribing the gemstones based on the birth nakshatra or constellation of a person. The birth constellation of a person is the constellation in which Moon was present during his time of birth.

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Once this birth constellation is found, the lord of this constellation is checked and then, the gemstone corresponding to that lord is recommended. For example, if someone is born with Moon in Pushya nakshatra or constellation, Pushya becomes his birth nakshatra and Saturn being the lord of Pushya nakshatra becomes a benefic planet for this native, according to this theory. Hence a Blue Sapphire is considered as the best suitable gemstone for this native. This is again a theory with very limited scope and it needs very little knowledge on the part of the astrologer to assign a gemstone to some person based on this theory.

Recommending gemstones is not this easy and there are a number of important aspects which are to be analyzed properly before predicting anything from a horoscope and before prescribing any gemstones. Hence this practice of prescribing gemstones on the basis of birth constellations should also be avoided. There is one more belief among some astrologers practicing in Vedic Astrology and these astrologers recommend gemstones based on the ruling periods of planets irrespective of the fact whether they are working positively or negatively in a horoscope.

Gemstones worn according to this theory can be the most destructive ones compared to all other theories, if one or both the planets having their ruling periods are negative.