Aquarius and aquarius moon sign compatibility


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It also plays a major role in romantic compatibility , revealing how harmonious your dynamic will be. The future is now!


Much like those born with their Sun in Aquarius , the Aquarius moon sign might try to rationalize their emotions by saying how they think , instead of how they feel. Ruled by spontaneous Uranus and symbolized by the Water Bearer , the Aquarius moon sign is quite the sexual libertine. This could be exactly what the Aquarius moon sign needs to satiate their desire for both intimate and platonic connection.

If they do choose to have just one S. Aries Moon Sign. Taurus Moon Sign. Gemini Moon Sign.

Aquarius Moon Sign Compatibility

Cancer Moon Sign. Leo Moon Sign. Virgo Moon Sign. Notable scholars of the past were astrologers, besides their other occupations.

Further Reading: The Difference Between Sun & Moons Signs...

Many physicists, mathematicians, philosophers and even priests were astrologers. In fact, astrology and astronomy were pretty much the same; both rely on observing of the stars and planetary movement. The position of planets, according to astrology could tell many important things about our destiny. Everyone could get their birth chart done and interpreted by an astrologer.

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We talk in terms of Western astrology, while there are other systems, as well. Serious and in depth astrological analysis requires knowledge, practice and knowing the methodology and principles of this pseudo science. Western astrology is widely accepted astrological system and it is based upon the Solar system.

Moon in Aquarius // Emotional Aquarius

It means the Sun plays the main role in it. However, all other planets of the system must be taken into consideration, since they all affect the Sun and one another. Together, they create a complex image that can be seen in your natal chart. The Sun is the first thing to analyze. Each gives special traits and characteristics, but the Sun is the base. It represents your Ego, your personal strength, your attitude and point of view on life. Moreover, it represents your will for life. It is a powerful, life giving principle and the principle of vitality and creation.

The Sun offers one the energy to progress, to grow, create and develop. In short, the Sun represents your basic and the most important potentials, offering you the possibility to develop those to their maximum. The Sun potential realized to the fullest is basically the best version of you. This is, of course, not so easy to achieve. The Sun sign gives the shape of your potential. The house in which the Sun sits determines the area of life in which you might shine and reach your maximum.

The Sun is also a masculine principle, ruler of the sign of Leo and a very stable and strong element in natal chart, the defining one. The Sun matches one zodiac sign in your natal chart and this is your Sun sign or your native sign. People commonly misinterpret the whole idea of the Zodiac, astrology and horoscope, identifying it exactly with native signs. When someone asks you about your horoscope, you give them your native; people then describe you as this or that native.

It means that not all Pisces people are the same; each one is different. However, you all share at least some basic Pisces traits.

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That stands for all other natives, of course. So, what about Pisces? Pisces is a Water element sign, mutable and mysterious. Many would say Pisces are one of the most emotional and mystical signs, along with Scorpio, perhaps. Pisces are, indeed, very deep.

Aquarius Moon Compatibility - Mystic Compatibility

Their emotionality is oriented both inwards and outwards, considering how big dreamers they are and how much empathy they have for the world around. Pisces seem lost in between the worlds of reality and fantasies. They do tend to run away from reality, since their emotionality leaves them very fragile and incapable to deal with atrocities of the life at times.

They are truly deep and aware of their emotional vulnerability. Pisces also possess great power of intuition; they see through people, but are often too gentle and empathic so that they could refuse anyone, be it on their own bad. They are gentle, kind and loving. Not very reliable and punctual, Pisces can also be moody and unpredictable, but never out of bad intentions.

The two are inevitable and inseparable. The Sun represents everything that is obvious, in a way; at least, everything you are well aware of. The Sun is your presence in this world, your expression and manifestation. The Moon is something entirely different. It represents your impression f the world and the people around you. It defines your reaction towards them. The Moon represents a specific channel for your emotions. This is a water element planet, wandering, instable and flexible.

It is very important to nurture your Moon sign and listen to this subtle guiding voice. There is not much worth of all of your Sun qualities if you cannot feel them, right? It has always been associated with mystical forces, and it remains so.